Nude Massages

A journey to discover the pleasure of body and soul

To enjoy the infinite pleasure that the body can give us from the epidermis to the deepest intimacy in search of the subtle ways of pleasure, a sensory journey that involves the whole body and the whole soul.

An approach, which we could call Tantra, in search of the energy flow, of the most hidden and subtle connections of the network of relationships that pervades the whole body.

The experience we offer is a fusion of the different styles of massage and treatment that we have studied and practiced over the years.

One works naked, all over the body, including the genitals, with the aim of knowing better one’s sexual energy, expanding it, bringing it to the heart and consciousness, as an instrument of human evolution. But also to work on erection problems, low libido, premature or painful ejaculation.

We are a couple of prefessional operators, so we can modulate our proposal according to your needs.
The experience we offer is a fusion of the different styles of massage and treatment that we have studied and practiced over the years.
Usually we work naked, all over the body, including genitals, with the aim of knowing better our sexual energy, expanding it, bringing it to the heart and conscience, as an instrument of human evolution. But also to work on erection problems, low libido, premature or painful ejaculation.

Frequent questions

A selection of questions that we are often asked.

How long does the nude massage last?

The nude massage lasts one hour.

The massage has its own natural timing which also depends on the person who comes to receive it.
The massage begins, grows, reaches its peak, and slowly closes, like a circle. Experience makes us say that this path is covered, without haste, in an hour.

But we have definitely agreed before, so you will pay for what we have agreed, we are not tax with the times and we like to do a good job.

How does it work, do you massage everything, absolutely everything?

We are naked and we massage the whole body, including genitals and erogenous zones.

After an initial approach to dissolve physical tensions and release energy flows. When the person is relaxed and ready to welcome the pleasure, work begins on the erogenous zones and on the genitals. In particular, the penis, scrotum, perineum and anus are massaged.

Internal prostate massage is performed only upon explicit request.

What if I get aroused and have an erection?

Erection is more than welcome!

A good erection, when stimulated with the right technique, releases an enormous amount of pleasure and sexual energy which is used in nude massage to reach the heights of pure pleasure.

Beyond the role we love to play during the sexual act, enjoying a vigorous erection is good for the soul!

But is there a happy end?

Ejaculation is not the goal, but it is welcome and must be enjoyed to the full.

No matter how long it lasts, the nude massage is out of the performance point of view and seeks a new way to enjoy your body:
during the massage the pleasure naturally reaches the climax and here you are, listening and relaxed, lulled by the most intense pleasure, letting it expand throughout the body. When this becomes irrepressible, “coming” is the most natural thing in the world.

If you are predisposed or trained in the most advanced tantric techniques you can channel the energy upwards, until you know how to orgasm from ejaculation.

What if I come prematurely?

The massage does not end with ejaculation, but continues, modulating the frequency to the new state of post orgasm relaxation, and continues for the entire set time.
This is because, in fact, the end is the experience not the orgasm and you have beautiful experiences lulled by skilled hands when you are completely relaxed because you have already come.

Can I touch, suck, fuck with the naked masseur?

No, in principle no.

The massage does not involve sex and interaction with the masseur for a clear and simple reason: turning your attention to the masseur takes your attention away from yourself. To fully enjoy the experience it is very important to let yourself be guided, to learn to breathe deeply, to grasp all the nuances of sensations. If the attention remains focused on you it will be easier to ride the full of pleasure and let yourself be overwhelmed.

But don’t worry too much, we are all here to enjoy ourselves and if a hand, naturally, ends up on our thigh, if it is not a reason for distraction, it is fine where it ended!

Here are some suggestions of our proposals …

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Nude massage in Rome? Now you can!

Even in Rome you can now receive a nude massage, treat yourself to your moment of well-being and relaxation! Massages with Oil, Shiatsu, naked, even with four hands!

nude massage: the pleasure of being overwhelmed!

The nude massage to open new channels between us and our body, between us and our sexual energy. The nude massage to break the barriers of the mind, of family and social conditioning, and of our habits.
Nude massage is like this: we dive into a rushing ocean of energy, waves of pleasure overwhelm our mind. It’s us, it’s just us. It is a rushing ocean of energy, waves of pleasure that overwhelm our mind.

Through pleasure

Through the pleasure I feel. The contact, from the skin to the depths, moves pleasure, which flows through the body. From toes to head.
How many images and sensations do we feed on during a massage? Both for me who offer it and for those who receive it.
When the naked body of the recipient enters a movement capable of telling itself, in its here and now.
Pleasure like fire or flowing water? Am I participating or just receptive? Where does it manifest itself?

Towards a TANTRA dimension

In the Tantra massage the goal is not ejaculation and the energy that is released by the skilful touch of the hands on the genitals and erogenous zones is channeled within the network as light and pleasure, in search of an expansion of perception and consciousness. And even when the massage climaxes in an ejaculation, then this, so full of energy, would be something much more powerful and satisfying than usual.

Come and try it on your skin

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Naked Meditation online

To all the friends who speak English, a big hug from Luca and Andrea, the founders and creators of the Naked Yoga club. Are you are interested in zoom nude Tantra Meditation or nude Yoga meetings? With the wish in my heart that these videos can create bridges and...

Massage is a subtle art, it is not just about skill, but rather about love. […]
Don’t settle for physical touch. Your soul penetrates the body of the other and the most intense tensions melt away.
Make it a pleasure, not a job. Make a game of it and have fun.