Towards a TANTRA dimension

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Pubbicato il September 19, 2021

Tantra, an age-old discipline, sees the body as a temple and sex as a sacred act, of expansion of consciousness and knowledge.

In the Tantra massage the goal is not ejaculation and the energy that is released by the skilful touch of the hands on the genitals and erogenous zones is channeled within the network as light and pleasure, in search of an expansion of perception and consciousness. And even when the massage climaxes in an ejaculation, then this, so full of energy, would be something much more powerful and satisfying than usual.

How much pleasure do you think you are able to feel?

The whole body is crossed by billions of nerve endings, pervaded by a dense network of energy channels, everything is always in communication, everything, biology, thoughts and emotions. And the pleasure runs on these threads. But if we do not open ourselves to this world and do not train our sensitivity, all this remains very distant and imperceptible.


With our massage we want to bring you into contact with the wonder of this network, made up of subtle, strong, deep sensations that pervade the whole body and make you experience a more intense and deeper pleasure.

We want to go beyond the normally known sexual pleasure, often consumed with little sensitivity towards oneself and made up of mechanical gestures, stereotyped and dynamic reactions already consumed, to open the door to a new and more complete orgasmic sensation.

In the nude massage the whole body is involved and stimulated, including the genitals and the erogenous zones where the energy network becomes denser.

It begins with a general urge to relax and listen, release tension and make the physical body and mind available to receive the power of pleasure and sexual energy.

As in a sacred act, the genitals are stimulated, to appreciate every aspect and enjoy the multifaceted ability to give us pleasure.

A rhythm that opens us to new sensations like concentric circles in the water that expand to infinity. Like a rising tide, waves that swell until they become a storm, and then calm down again, leaving behind silence and sensations, and then resume climbing the summit in search of an ever higher and more engaging climax.

By channeling this energy, making it more and more subtle and making it expand throughout the body on an energetic and physical level, we open ourselves to new sensations.


Come and try a new experience!