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Naked Yoga

Tantra House

Nude Massages

Nude Yoga and Tantra online

Nude Yoga and Tantra online

Nude Massages

2 and 4 Hands, for Singles and Couples

A journey to discover pleasure

To enjoy the infinite pleasure that the body can give us from the epidermis to the deepest intimacy in search of the subtle ways of pleasure, a sensory journey that involves the whole body and the whole soul.

An approach, which we could call Tantra, in search of the energy flow, of the most hidden and subtle connections of the network of relationships that pervades the whole body.

The Massage involves all the Energy Centers and is a journey that, starting from pleasure, reaches consciousness.
The experience we offer is a fusion of the different styles of massage and treatment that we have studied and practiced over the years.

Yoga Nudes & Massage Party

group meetings

Naked couple yoga

Experimenting naked, feeling at home

A group of men who decide to play together the splendid melody of the exchange of pleasure.

Undressing is revealing oneself . And we want to co-create, together with you, a new memory of being naked together!

Through yoga and massage, when I get naked and challenge myself in the relationship with others, who are also strangers, I am saying: I accept myself as I am. Through our meetings we would like to say: I accept myself and I LOVE ME as I am!

Naked Yoga, Aperinudo and Massage Party!

It is not a course to learn a technique but an experience to awaken that ability to be in a continuous exchange between offering and receiving.

Tantra House

only for Couples

Tantra for couple

live tantra with us

a wellness center for the soul,
through the pleasure of the body

Let yourself be involved in an experience of the senses and of the heart. A day and a night together to intensely experience pleasure in the body and in the emotions. An intense experience lived in the space of a weekend, where you can enter into a deeper contact with yourself through the use of the most appropriate practices for the needs of those who turn to us.

We strongly believe in the value and power of sexual energy, an energy that, once refined and moved towards the higher Chakras, can transform itself into creative energy and a desire for self-realization.

Tantra House

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Tantra Meditation and Naked Yoga

With the aim of painting a new image of being naked in a group in the collective unconscious, our proposal is to create an environment via the web where people staying naked at home can still have a group naturist experience.

Nude Tantra Meditation

Feel your own erotic energy ,
raise it to the heart and offer it to heaven.

Living the flow of love without separation between inside and outside.

Meditation is a truly ancient and current art more than ever. In this moment where we are closed and protected by our domestic walls, it is important to open a channel of connection with the outside where we can activate that flow of love that heals.

The proposal is to create an environment via the web where people staying naked at home can still have a group meditation experience.

With the hope that you welcome this proposal with joy, we embrace you in our hearts.

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Naked couple yoga

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Naked Yoga, Qi-Gong and Tao Yoga

Sexual energy is Primordial , Sacred , Creative ,
it is a source to create Value, for us and for others.

Enhancing the Male Sexual Energy and harmonizing it with the Female one, improves Sexual Health and Health in General, helps to live in the Here and Now and grow in the Heart and Mind.

An experience in which we will learn to use our sexual arousal constructively, a sacred moment of self-stimulation and in a circle of connected human beings.

For expand the pleasure throughout our body and do not limit orgasm at the moment of ejaculation , raising the sexual energy to the heart , and to the mind, to circulate it, for our benefit and that of others.

The work that is proposed does not aim at performance but at experimenting, perceiving and living the principles of nature, these are practices accessible to all.

online Tantra Meditation