Nude massage in Rome? Now you can!

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Pubbicato il September 19, 2021

Nude massage in Rome?

Even in Rome you can now receive a nude massage, treat yourself to your moment of well-being and relaxation!
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When the massage contacts the deep and does not stop at the epidermis. When the pressure has a strong intention and knows how to navigate the geography of the body.

When you know that by opening the channel of pleasure, everything becomes more spacious and welcoming and change can find its peaceful expression of being.

When you want to have an experience like this and you are in Rome, call us, our contacts are on the page info !!

Massage with Oil And Shiatsu , naked , even with four hands!
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nude massageMassage is a subtle art, it is not just about skill, but rather about love. First you learn the technique and then you forget it. When you know massage deeply, ninety percent of the work is done through love, ten percent through technique. The contact of love is enough for the body to relax. If you feel love and understanding for the person you massage, if you see her as an invaluable energy, if you are grateful to her for her trust in you and for letting you act on her with your energy, then more and more the impression of playing a musical instrument. Not only the person, but you too will be relaxed. While massaging, just massage, don’t think about anything else. It enters your fingers, into your hands as if your very existence entered it. Don’t settle for physical touch. Your soul penetrates the body of the other and the most intense tensions melt away. Make it a pleasure, not a job. Make a game of it and have fun. Osho

We made these words our own, even before reading them! For us, taking care of another person is an act of love, a profound exchange …

Doing it naked means not placing barriers of role or hierarchy, we are simply human beings who meet. We, who have more experience, offer, you, who have less, receive.