Through pleasure

Categorie: massages | naturism


Pubbicato il September 19, 2021


How many images and sensations we feed on during a massage. Both for me who offer it and for those who receive it.

From there you realize the total non-need for words, especially when the naked body of the recipient enters a movement capable of telling itself, in its here and now. Let us move and act in the movement that frees the parts of us that want to express themselves in the pentagram of pleasure.

Pleasure like fire or flowing water? Am I participating or just receptive? Where does it manifest itself?

I touch the kidney belt and the sacrum with my open hands to activate the fire of the first chakra, and then extend it to every part of the body available for expansion and welcome. Support. I move images with the drawings of the bodies that meet. A chemistry is activated that acts in the direction of a Unique movement of which each one manifests a part of it. I touch with the hands that rise from the belly and from the heart, free to express, both in offering and in receiving, the pleasure of enveloping with my body and letting myself be enveloped and involved. And when the mind holds I reach the feet and there I call attention to get away from those mental processes that, judging, prevent us from Being.

I love this contact, this feeling that wants to explore with different stimuli, more intense or sweeter, more provocative or more soothing.

Moving on the skin with the oil that supports the flow of the sensations in a continuous flow and without stopping, only stopping. Stop at those stations of the body that convey pleasure from multiple directions.

Maybe you should come and try it …. with two or four hands!