nude massage: the pleasure of being overwhelmed!

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Pubbicato il September 19, 2021

Nude massage …

The nude massage to open new channels between us and our body, between us and our sexual energy. The nude massage to break the barriers of the mind, of family and social conditioning, and of our habits.

The pleasure”

Pleasure is an internal condition to be built, it is the search for something profound, for an intimate and sincere feeling, made up of listening and love.

We are used to identifying pleasure with the satisfaction of a desire, a fetish, a person, a particular practice …

But how connected are we with what we really want? How well do we know this pleasure?

Going down to the root of our pleasure we discover a new world in which the fetish, the person or that particular sexual practice acquire another meaning, find their natural place and are valued by it.

A rushing ocean of energy

Nude massage is for this:

Guided by the warm hands of the masseur, we look inside ourselves, at our feelings and dive into an impetuous ocean of energy, they are waves of pleasure that overwhelm our mind.

Through the stimulation of the erogenous zones, our pleasure centers, we make this flow mount, we nourish it, we explore it and we let ourselves be overwhelmed. It is a rushing ocean of energy, waves of pleasure that overwhelm our mind.

It’s us, it’s just us.