Why Do Yoga Nudes?

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Pubbicato il September 19, 2021

Why do Yoga naked is definitely a double question: Why do Yoga and why do it naked?

For me, Luca, Yoga arrived 20 years ago and immediately fascinated me, even if I did it dressed :-).

Learn to inhabit my body, the armor of my soul and my why in this life. The possibility of maintaining a constant dialogue with my body and establishing that emotional state and mental attitude that can positively influence my postural attitude.

Try doing this exercise. Close your eyes and sit comfortably, even in a chair or armchair, the important thing is that you can support your ischium well and lengthen your spine. If you can’t, try to imagine your coccyx penetrating the earth and reaching the magmose center of our planet. It should be more evident at that point the lengthening and stretching of your spine.

Many singers have told me that when they have to produce high notes, they push their heels to the ground. These are two energetic forces that are always present, one goes down and the other goes up in a directly proportional way.

Let us return to our exercise. You are sitting and relaxed with the spine extended. Now imagine a smile inside your heart, or rather, just imagine the heart smiling. The heart smiles at the lungs and they respond with a smile. What’s going on behind your back and chest? How does your body change when new bright images and thoughts inhabit your mind?

This is Yoga. Feeling One, with the mind, with the heart and with the body. There is no separation, everything exists together with the rest and in interconnection, both inside and out. That is, I am connected with myself and in interconnection with others.

Practicing Yoga with others gives us this possibility: to verify this splendid connection every time: no man is an island in itself but always in continuous relationship with others.

Everything I feel as a Nude I do not feel dressed. Naked, to begin stripping myself of many superstructures. Naked to be free and at peace with my splendid body, splendid as the unique armor of my soul.